make everything old look new again

There is no more harsh environment than on the water. Salt water is the obvious worst fear of the boat owner, but not everyone realizes that Michigan’s freshwater environment can be just as harmful!

Those beautiful sunny days Michigan is famous for mean intense UV exposure for your vinyl or leather seating, your carpets, your upholstery. Winter storage means the boat is layed up for months in wrap. The constant exposure to humidity can mean mold and mildew. Before long, your brand new darling is looking ragged and dull.

Bring back that new-boat look, and restore the function and health of your baby, from hull to cabin fittings and everything in-between! Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your boat the beauty you fell in love with.


Whether you’ve got an open sport cruiser or a full cabin belowdecks, we know our way around your boat. Constant exposure to the elements, and the reckless abuse of people enjoying themselves, mean your fittings and fixtures are used hard. 

Let us return your seats to like-new condition, and deep-clean your carpets back to factory fresh! We’ll do more than just wipe down the deck, too: detailing is all about the details, cleaning every crack and crevice of your helm and fishbox, your head and consoles.

Revolution can disinfect your interior, as well: we’ll clean the interior down with Ceramic Pro TAG, which will purify surfaces from bad smells, disease-causing pathogens, mold, and other issues caused by microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Lasts for up to 6 months!

Interior detailing is the perfect time to protect that newly-cleaned surface forever: ask about our marine protection services, including Ceramic Pro Marine ceramic coatings!


If you’re a savvy boat owner, you know having a clean hull isn’t just about appearance. It’s not just about a glossy finish, or impressing everyone on the lake with your seemingly-new boat. (Those things are nice, too.)

It’s about keeping your hull free of debris and damage, and doing so in a way that doesn’t harm the protective finish – whether that’s traditional wax or Ceramic Pro Marine.

We’ll clean your hull – gently, with a neutral pH soap to protect your wax and gelcoat. Our RUPES BigFoot orbital polishing system guarantees a perfectly smooth surface without the risk of damaging the finish – much less your precious hull!

We can finish off the job with a spot-free finish and a thick coat of wax over your gelcoat, but don’t forget that now is the perfect time to protect that newly-cleaned hull forever: ask about our marine protection services, including Ceramic Pro Marine ceramic coatings!